Friday, 27 November 2009

Why The X Factor dream's over for my little boy!

I SWALLOWED AS I walked into my little boy’s room. It was still early and I didn’t know how I was going to tell him the terrible news.

I sat on the edge of his bed, trying to find the right words. Just then he woke up, his big blue eyes blinking.

‘What is it, Mamma?’ he asked, seeing my worried look. ‘What’s happened?’

My mouth was dry, I could hear my heart thumping. ‘I’ve got some bad news, sweetie,’ I began, my voice shaking. ‘Last night something awful happened.’

I took a deep breath, knowing how badly this was going to hurt my son. He was staring at me, waiting. I had to tell him. ‘Last night, well…’

I stopped, trying to build up the courage. He'd been tired the day before and had luckily fallen asleep before the nightmare happened. Now it was time to be honest, but how?

Nothing for it, I realised eventually, best just to blurt it out. ‘The truth is John and Edward have been sent home.’

Deme’s eyes widened. ‘They’ve been voted off?’ he said shocked.

I nodded, grabbing his hand. ‘I can’t believe it,’ Deme cried. ‘They were the best ever. Now their X Factor dream is over.’

I cuddled him then, knowing how much he loved Jedward. He’d asked for their hair cut (I’d said no, his was long and curly) and even taught his baby sister the words to Ghostbusters. Now it was finished.

‘Can we buy their DVD and CD and go and watch them in concert?’ he asked. I smiled. They’d only been out of the competition 12 hours and already Deme thought they were cashing in.

He’ll make a great businessman when he’s older. Perhaps I should introduce him to Simon Cowell. After all we have met.

But I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow! Until then tell me who you think should win this year…


  1. lol it will be interesting to see how long they do last now... I was so looking forward to seeing them on I'm a Celebrity so I think that was a mistake not putting them in there. I can't actually think of anyone I want to win now but I think probably Joe or Olly.

  2. aww bless. how sweet. can't say i'm that upset about the news tho.

  3. I had a similar conversation with one of my girls whilst the other was running around screaming that Jedward was dead.
    They have no respect do they?....