Monday, 2 November 2009

Scary (Small) Monsters!

MY LITTLE BOY was brandishing a knife and it was getting scary.He’d been slashing, gouging and slicing for half an hour now. ‘Please stop,’ I begged as he took another eye out.
But seven-year-old Deme shook his head. He was twisting the blade into the flesh now.
His crazed stabbing was like something from The Krays as he jabbed the blade into the sides of the mouth. I couldn’t watch anymore.
Worse still, my husband was helping him. ‘Slice it bigger,’ he ordered as Deme slashed again and again.
But finally, it was over and Deme and his dad stood back. ‘Frighteningly good,’ they agreed as they stared at the pumpkin they’d made for Halloween.
‘Not bad,’ I had to admit, and went to fetch a candle to place in it.Five minutes later, the lit pumpkin head was glowing orange in the window, inviting brave Trick or Treaters.
Deme had begged to go out in his scariest costume but we thought he was too young.
We live in London where no one says hello to their neighbours, let alone beg for sweets or threaten them with an ‘or else.’
But we’d let him pick a costume and this year he’d opted for a skeleton.The baby was asleep so Deme could roam the house singing Them Bones, Them Bones, and cackling in his most terrifying voice.
He was miffed about being made to stay in though while other children knocked on strangers’ doors and begged for candy.
‘Please can I go out?’ he asked one more time and we shook our heads. ‘When you’re older,’ we said. Like 35. When he has his own kids.  
Just then the doorbell went and we crept downstairs. We’d turned all the lights off to let the pumpkin glow show off Deme’s carving skills (though they’re more butcher than plastic surgeon) in the dark.
We could hear children giggling on the other side of the door and thought Deme would hurry to hand them the sweets we’d bought for Trick or Treat.
Instead he slipped on his skeleton mask, drew himself up to all of his 4ft height and waited.
A second passed, then two, and as soon as the children began to grow bored – and quiet, Deme yanked the door open and yelled: Mahahahahahahahaha into the frosty air.
Shocked, the children jumped back, scared. One little witch even screamed.
‘Got you,’ Deme giggled, delighted. Scaring the kids who want to get hold of his sweets – now that’s a neat Trick. 

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  1. Cool Deme looks good .Swastik also thinks that Deme looks good and had wished that he could come to his house for trick or treat. Swastik went to 3 neighbours and got 3 treats!!!!!!