Saturday, 6 August 2016

A magical mother and daughter holiday in Mauritius

No one enjoys a beach holiday more than me and, luckily, my daughter is just as obsessed with the sand, sea and sunshine. Today was the first day we've walked along the pebble beach near our home since returning from Dubai and we even dipped our toes in the icy sea.

'This is fun,' my eight-year-old giggled as I thought about taking off my cardigan. Well we have been away five years and became used to scorching summers where the mercury regularly went over 50 degrees C.

It has been a fantastic British summer's day and reminded me of the first mother and daughter holiday we took to Mauritius. There we spotted giant tortoises and were spoiled in the spa. Here we had our dog, and I'll be doing a DIY manicure for us both later. But at least I'll have our video to watch...

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