Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A pig of a party!

Smiling I ticked off one of the things to do on my very long list. It's my little girl's third birthday next week and she's been busy making preparations since Christmas.

'Two birthday cakes, Mummy,' she tells me most days. 'And lots of candles.' But I'm going one better.

I've booked a hall, a bright pink bouncy castle, and her daddy's a chef so he can do the catering. Best of all, I'm in the middle of making all her dreams come true by organising her heroine to pay a visit.

It's not many three-year-olds who get Peppa Pig to wish them a Happy Birthday. That also means it's going to be fancy dress. So now I've just got to work out what I'm going to wear.
I'm too fat to don rubber as Cat Woman, too old for Little Bo Peep, too young for Queen Victoria.

I decided to go through our DVDs for inspiration. When I was young my fantasies were simple and all inspired by films.

One week, I wanted to roll around with Woody Harrelson on a bed strewn with money instead of Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal.

The next, I'd be making (wonky) pots with the late (and brilliant) star of Ghost, Patrick Swayze.
I wore out two videos wishing I was Debra Winger being rescued from her factory-girl life by An Officer and A Gentleman, Richard Gere.

Nowadays I fantasise about putting on my pyjamas for an early night with my husband without my little girl, or eight-year-old boy, demanding to watch Toy Story 3 in bed with us.

That was until I discovered the best film ever – 13 Going on 30. It's a teen movie, but has the funniest scene of all time in it, when Jennifer Garner's ice-hockey boyfriend does a striptease to Vanilla Ice's one and only hit song.

It's hilarious and for weeks I made it my Friday night treat just for that laugh out loud scene. And then one evening, as I pulled on my PJs ready for bed, my hubby began to slowly shed his clothes and re-enact the film's striptease scene. He'd even memorised the lyrics.

Talk about N-Ice N-Ice baby! It gave a whole new meaning to (Dirty) Dancing On Ice.
But when he did it three days in a row, then announced he had a surprise for me, I began to get worried. 
Was he going to jump out of a wardrobe flapping a cape?

But that gave me a great idea. He could dress up as Batman for the party and I could be Robin. And, as he's doing the catering, he could fly out of the hall's kitchen when the kids food is ready shouting: 'Dinner, dinner, dinner, Batman!' Wish me luck...

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